businessman with lanyard and card holder

15 November, 2021

Why Custom Lanyards Are The Perfect ID Solution For Trade Shows

Custom lanyards are the “go-to” product when it comes to ID security at trade shows and corporate events. It doesn’t matter what the event may be. Whether for businesses, government, retail, new product release, seminars, conferences or fashion shows, branded lanyards have become the number one choice, and it is easy to see why.

  1. Easy Identification Of Patrons And Exhibitors
    When you are hosting a large event, security is paramount, and you want to make sure the people at the event are registered and valid to be there. That’s where a custom printed lanyard combined with an ID card holder comes into play. They are highly visible, and any security staff walking on the floor can easily see them. It saves the embarrassment of continually going up to people to ask to see their ID. This is especially so at more prestigious gala events where there may be many VIPs.

  2. Advertising Your Company Or Product
    The great things about lanyards are their printable area. Most have at least 800mm length of branding area. That’s a lot of advertising space, and you have an excellent opportunity to advertise your business. Everyone walking the floor would be seeing all the lanyards around them with your company branding. It’s a fantastic and inexpensive way to promote yourself at an event. You could also consider adding handy attachments such as an “O” ring for keys or a mobile phone holder. This gives the lanyards added value, and potentially, people would keep them after the event to use elsewhere.

  3. Easy VIP Access
    You won’t need to cross check all your patrons to more prestigious areas of your event, such as VIP areas or perhaps closed off after show party areas. Just get colour-coded lanyards – maybe gold, silver and bronze – and then your security staff can quickly waive people through rather than having to check for ID. It makes for a very pleasant experience for your guests, plus no long queues or wait times for them to get where they need to be.

  4. Lanyards Are Cheap To Buy
    Compared to other forms of ID, lanyards are very cheap to buy in bulk. If you need to keep your lanyard budget to a minimum, you can always get plain ones, but the small additional cost to get them branded is worth it. Just think of all that advertising you will get.

  5. Lanyards Are Long Lasting
    Compared to other forms of ID such as an event wristband, lanyards can be used long after an event is finished. They are long lasting and very durable. People can use them at home to hold a bunch of keys, or if you had a mobile phone attachment added, they can wear them through a belt look or attach them to a bag. This gives you added advertising for as long as they use them.

As you can see, lanyards are worth it when it comes to ID at trade shows, but they also have a potential long term use long after the show has ended, so why not consider them for your next event. If you are unsure which type of lanyard is best to suit your needs, give us a call or send us an email, and we’d be glad to help.

The Lanyards Only Team