Printed Lanyards

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Printed PVC Lanyard
Printed PVC Lanyards are funky lanyards with great candy colours in semi transparent material
from $1.70 to $1.05 ea
500 min qty
Printed Nylon Lanyards
Printed Nylon Lanyards will compliment any corporate design with a high shine finish and flat weave for the perfect lanyard
from $1.80 to $0.95 ea
100 min qty
Printed Promotional Lanyards
Printed Promotional Lanyards made from woven polyester material are cheap printed lanyards suitable for bulk purchase
from $1.90 to $0.85 ea
100 min qty
Best Seller
Polyester Custom Lanyards
Polyester Custom Lanyards are durable and strong lanyards that can be printed with your logo for ideal promotional lanyards
from $1.90 to $0.85 ea
100 min qty
Printed Satin Lanyards
Printed Satin Lanyards perfect for promotions and conferences once customized with a screen printed logo
from $1.90 to $1.05 ea
100 min qty
Double Layer Printed Lanyard
Double Layer Printed Lanyards are premium quality deluxe corporate lanyards that feature a satin and polyester layer
from $2.10 to $1.30 ea
250 min qty
Full Colour Printed Lanyard
Full Colour Printed Lanyards are striking looking lanyards that will grab everyone's attention with their detail and colour
from $2.50 to $1.00 ea
100 min qty

Here at Lanyards Only, we have a vast collection of promotional lanyards that can be used for your corporate tradeshows and events. The cheap price tag makes these lanyards perfect as gift give away products at special corporate events.

Merchandising is important for any business and our cheap bulk lanyards like the bootlace lanyards, breakaway lanyards nylon and satin lanyards can all make great promotional products that can be fully personalised with your business name and logo.