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Custom Lanyards are a great promotional product and we can send our products Australia wide. Local delivery of our printed lanyards to Sydney can be same day or we can do overnight shipping to Melbourne, Brisbane and other capital cities.

Our custom lanyards website boasts a massive selection of products including printed lanyards, breakaway and woven lanyards whilst also selling silicone wristbands, retractable card holders and even dog leads & collars. Custom printed lanyards take only two weeks from ordering and specific customizing is available including heat transfer, direct print and weaving.

Why not use our custom lanyards as inexpensive promotional merchandise products at your next conference or trade show event.

Our Popular Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are great for employees to wear around the office and can be used to hold name tag holders and ID pouches. Promotional events like sporting and music events are excellent for printed lanyards and branded lanyards. We also have pre printed lanyards for security and event staff to wear around their necks and our breakaway lanyards ensures nobody gets hurt with the safety link attachment at the back.

Breakaway Lanyards
Breakaway Lanyards | For Conferences | Comes With A Safety Clip!
from $1.00 to $0.80 ea
50 min qty
Printed Promotional Lanyards
Printed Promotional Lanyards made from woven polyester material are cheap printed lanyards suitable for bulk purchase
from $1.90 to $0.85 ea
100 min qty
Security Lanyard
Security Lanyards are perfect for personnel at concerts or live events where you don't need to purchase lanyards in bulk
from $2.50 to $0.90 ea
25 min qty
Printed Nylon Lanyards
Printed Nylon Lanyards will compliment any corporate design with a high shine finish and flat weave for the perfect lanyard
from $1.80 to $0.95 ea
100 min qty
Yellow Gold Lanyard
Yellow Gold Lanyards are made from woven polyester material
from $0.90 to $0.75 ea
50 min qty
Full Colour Printed Lanyard
Full Colour Printed Lanyards are striking looking lanyards that will grab everyone's attention with their detail and colour
from $2.50 to $1.00 ea
100 min qty
Woven Lanyard
Woven Lanyards are popular promotional lanyards that are ideal deluxe conference lanyards with their embroidered finish
from $1.60 to $0.95 ea
500 min qty
Polyester Custom Lanyards
Polyester Custom Lanyards are durable and strong lanyards that can be printed with your logo for ideal promotional lanyards
from $1.90 to $0.85 ea
100 min qty
VIP Lanyard
VIP Lanyards are a great way to highlight the importance of your guests at your next promotional event
from $2.50 to $0.90 ea
25 min qty
Black Lanyard
Black Lanyards are popular conference lanyards
from $0.90 to $0.75 ea
50 min qty
Green Lanyard
Green Lanyards with simple j hook to attach your card holder
from $0.90 to $0.75 ea
50 min qty

Our Latest Promotional Lanyards

PVC Identification Card
PVC Identification Card is made with high-quality PVC plastic.
from $1.57 to $0.76 ea
500 min qty
Chaumont Nylon Neck Wallet
Chaumont Nylon Neck Wallet is a storage solution for your essentials.
from $7.85 to $6.78 ea
100 min qty
Tradeshow Name Badge Holder
Custom Tradeshow Name Badge Holders have a unique zippered pouch for small items.
from $5.82 to $4.50 ea
150 min qty
ID Notepad Badge Holder
Promotional ID Notepad Badge Holders are ideal for conventions and corporate events.
from $5.61 to $4.65 ea
100 min qty
Oval Carabiner Retractable ID Badge Holder
Customised Oval Carabiner Retractable ID Badge Holders are designed to make your life easier, and a must-have for employees.
from $6.10 to $4.06 ea
100 min qty
Gold Retractable ID Badge Holder
Personalised Gold Retractable ID Badge Holders let you carry your credentials with class.
from $5.95 to $3.86 ea
100 min qty
Bifold Neck Wallet
Personalised Bifold Neck Wallets are great for displaying your conference badge or sports pass.
from $9.05 to $5.96 ea
100 min qty
Royal Blue Lanyard
Royal Blue Lanyards are stocked in our Sydney office for immediate delivery
from $0.90 to $0.75 ea
50 min qty

Printed Lanyards Ideas

There are plenty of options for promoting your business through the use of our printed lanyards. Visualize everyone walking around with your custom printed lanyards with your business logo emblazoned on them.

For upmarket appeal, our attractive variety of woven lanyards is perfect for higher end executives or where you need your custom printed lanyards to make a true statement about your business. You have regular woven lanyards or you can try our two layer deluxe wovens with a polyester base and then a woven satin finish on top. Truly a class above our regular custom printed lanyards.

Lastly, for an eco friendly themed event, why not use one of our bamboo lanyards. We have a huge range of eco lanyards made from recycled fibre material. If your business has an environmentally friendly vision then this selection of custom lanyards is ideal for personalising with your company details.

Our printed lanyards are cheap to buy, making them perfect for ordering in large bulk quantities. Our courier system ensures your orders reach anywhere in Australia with overnight delivery to main capital cities like Melbourne. Printed lanyards can also be delivered same day to Sydney so if you need conference lanyards, come and see us for speedy and friendly service.

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