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12 April, 2022

Reasons To Use Best Selling Custom Polyester Lanyards

Custom polyester lanyards are our biggest selling lanyard. Probably 70% of all lanyards sold are this type of lanyard. It’s easy to see why. They have a flat surface that is easy to print on, they offer 3 different varieties of widths, they are soft to the skin, there are heaps of optional attachments to make them more attractive and they are cheap to purchase. What more could you ask for in a custom lanyard?

So, let’s explore these points in a little more detail to see if polyester lanyards are a good fit for your business. Before we do that however, let’s take a look at what polyester material actually is. It’s a synthetic man made material. It is lightweight and easy to colour dye. It is strong and is wrinkle, stain and stretch resistant which makes it perfect as a material for lanyards.

1. Long Lasting: Polyester material is very durable. Compared to nylon, it lasts much longer, which makes it very appealing. You can give these to staff knowing you are not going to have to replace them in six months (unless they lose them) due to fraying. They are very popular for workplace areas where companies need their lanyards to withstand daily wear and tear and not fray easily.

2. Cost Effective: Polyester lanyards are cheap to buy in bulk. As the material is easy to make, they are probably the best option when it comes to price. Also due to their durability as discussed above, I they are great value for money due to their longevity.

3. Ease Of Branding: Polyester lanyards are easy to brand as they are a flat style, unlike bootlace lanyards that bulge up. Staying flat means you can get crisp, clear details through screen printing. You also have the added advantage of different widths, so if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you could try a 25mm wide polyester lanyard and put big, bold type on it. Believe us when we say everyone passing by will notice. You can also weave onto a polyester lanyard. This style looks very up-market and corporate looking, so use these for your executive staff or VIP’s and they are sure to be impressed.

4. Comfortable to Wear: Polyester material is quite soft against the skin. If you feel a nylon lanyard, you’ll see they are quite “hard” to the touch and stiff. Polyester lanyards are softer and “flop”, which means they won’t run up and down the neck, making them a great deal more comfortable to wear, especially if they are for working conditions where they have to be worn all day.

5. Retains Their Colour: Unlike other lanyard styles that can fade with time, polyester lanyards will retain their colour for many years. Even if you have them specially colour dyed to your corporate colours, their fade resistance ensures your brand colours will still be relevant for years to come. Retaining their colour is just one feature, they are also resistant to wrinkles – anyone who has worn a satin lanyard knows all about wrinkles – and they do not stain easily. If liquids are dropped onto the lanyard, simply wipe away.

6. Versatility: Polyester lanyards are very versatile. Not only do they function well for a work environment, they are also suitable for ID or badge holders for hospitals, schools, trade shows, conventions and gala evenings.

As you can see from the above there are many compelling reasons why polyester lanyards are so popular. If you are looking to add custom lanyards to your merchandise or for your office and you are unsure what would work best, give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to assist.

The Lanyards Only Team