jeans on clothing rack

13 May, 2022

Promote Your Clothing Line With Custom Lanyards

Add-ons to purchases can entice people to buy a particular brand or product over another. You can utilise this by offering lanyards branded with your logo as an add-on gift when people purchase a piece of your clothing. I remember years ago when I was looking for a pair of jeans. I was tossing up between a few styles, but one of them had this cool looking keyring that was attached to one of the belt loops. It was that little extra that persuaded me to purchase that brand of jeans.

The same applies to custom lanyards. They are a perfect match for clothing targeted at a more youth-orientated market. You could already have the lanyard draped over the hanger so people know it is included or have a sign nearby indicating to people they will receive a free lanyard with purchase.

People love to show off what they have bought, especially if it is a name brand product. It makes them feel special and gives prestige to your brand. As long as you add the appropriate attachments and have a funky design, people are bound to wear them for their everyday activities, whether they use them to hold keys or perhaps their mobile phones. You can get both an “O” ring for keys to attach and a mobile phone holder added to the bottom of the lanyard.

You want to make sure your lanyard has visible appeal, so make sure you get contrasting colours between the lanyard and the print colour. If you think these lanyards are going to get a lot of use, we recommend a darker colour, preferably black, as it won’t show up dirt or scuff marks. White looks nice and clean, but any dirt or grime will mark the lanyard and not make it look nice. In turn, this means the owner will stop wearing the lanyard. A black lanyard is best and then go for high contrasting colour. A lime green, yellow, orange, silver or white will really bounce off the lanyard and be clearly seen by others.

An added benefit to giving a free add-on of a custom lanyard is any time that person where’s it in public that will become a walking billboard for your company. Brand exposure is a big part of any advertising campaign. It also helps with brand recognition. The more people see a particular company logo or name, the more they are likely to remember it. It also brings loyalty to the wearer of the lanyard. They feel like they have received a special little gift just for them. They align this gift with your brand and the next time they go shopping, your brand will be utmost in their minds, making it potentially an easier sell for that next garment piece.

Getting higher visibility for any brand is the goal and a lanyard will help in that. Not only will they wear it, but they will definitely show their friends the new, cool gift they got when they bought their latest top. You can also market it through your website or social media pages. Make it the gift everyone wants by creating news stories around the lanyards. Maybe even offer prizes for people. Ask them to take a photo of them wearing your product and the lanyard and post it on their social media with a tag of your company. You could offer the 10 best pictures a prize. Maybe a free product or a discount off the next purchase or a totally unrelated gift or cash prize.

The more you can get people involved, the more successful the promotion can be. If you’d like to use custom lanyards as an advertising medium, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss the best options to meet your needs.

The Lanyards Only Team