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16 November, 2018

Don’t Limit Your Imagination And Customise Our Lanyards Now!

Having a lanyard has so many practical uses, it may be for promoting your brand, managing security or crowd control device.

LanyardsOnly supplies full-colour printed lanyards where your imagination is the limit if you wish to customise and print it with your company name, logo or beautiful artwork to represent your marketing message to your customers. Our lanyards may achieve any marketing platform. It may be used as part of the uniforms of your employees, or use it as a promotional giveaway to your customers and prospects.

It is available in the width of 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm. You may finish it with a simple j hook, alligator clip, mobile phone holder and other accessories which we also supply here.

Custom printed lanyards have never failed in showcasing and promoting your brand. Order it in large bulk and share it with more people.

The Lanyards Only Team