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16 June, 2023

10 Creative Ways to Use Lanyards at Your Next Event

Lanyards have long been a staple at events, serving as a convenient and practical way to keep event credentials and identification easily accessible. But did you know that lanyards can be used for so much more than just holding badges? Here are 10 creative ways to use lanyards at your next event.

Create a scavenger hunt: Lanyards aren't just for holding badges or keys. They can also be used to create an exciting scavenger hunt game. By distributing lanyards with different coloured beads, participants can follow clues to collect beads from various locations or people. The first person to collect all the beads and return to the starting point wins. This is a great way to engage participants and create a fun, interactive experience for all. With a little creativity and planning, a scavenger hunt using lanyards can be a memorable addition to any event.

Promote social distancing: Lanyards can play an essential role in promoting social distancing at events. Adding an extendable badge reel to lanyards can help maintain a safe distance between attendees. This way, participants can move freely and enjoy the event without worrying about getting too close to each other. The adjustable badge reel on lanyards can be easily pulled back or let out, allowing attendees to customise the distance they need to maintain. Incorporating lanyards with badge reels into your event ensures that social distancing is not just a guideline, but a practical and fun way to keep everyone safe.

Identify dietary restrictions: Lanyards are a practical and easy way to identify attendees with dietary restrictions at events. By using different coloured lanyards, you can make it easy to identify attendees who require special dietary considerations. For example, you can use green lanyards to identify vegetarians, red for those with allergies, and yellow for those who require gluten-free options. By using lanyards to identify attendees' dietary needs, you can ensure that everyone is accommodated and make sure that your event is a success.

Showcase sponsors: Lanyards can be a creative and effective way to showcase event sponsors. By allowing each sponsor to design their own lanyard, attendees can easily identify and recognise each sponsor. This also gives sponsors an opportunity to showcase their brand and promote their involvement in the event. Lanyards can be a cost-effective way to display sponsor logos and branding, as they are visible throughout the entire event. By including sponsor lanyards in your event, you can add a unique and personalised touch that will make the event memorable for all involved.

Create a VIP experience: Creating a VIP experience at your event can be a great way to make certain attendees feel special and appreciated. Lanyards can be a key element in creating this experience. By designing special lanyards for VIP guests, you can give them access to exclusive areas or experiences that other attendees don't have access to. This can range from VIP seating areas to backstage access or special meet and greets. The design of the lanyard can also add to the exclusivity, with unique colours or branding that sets them apart from other attendees. Using lanyards to create a VIP experience can add a special touch to your event and make it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Host a silent auction: Hosting a silent auction can be a great way to fundraise for your event, and lanyards can add a unique twist to this activity. By creating unique lanyards with different colours and patterns, attendees can bid on the lanyards they like and the highest bidder gets to keep it as a souvenir. This not only helps to raise funds but also provides attendees with a fun and interactive activity. Make sure to have clear bidding rules and procedures in place to ensure that the silent auction runs smoothly and successfully.

Create a photo booth prop: Lanyards can be used to add a fun and unique touch to your event's photo booth. By simply stringing together different coloured and patterned lanyards, you can create a fun prop that attendees can use to accessorise their photos. The lanyards can be used as necklaces, bracelets or even as a funky headpiece. This is a creative way to add a pop of colour and personality to your event's photo booth and can also serve as a fun souvenir for attendees to take home. Don't be afraid to get creative and mix and match different lanyard styles for a truly unique look.

Organise a colour-coded event: Organising a large event can be a daunting task, but using lanyards can help you streamline the process. By using different coloured lanyards, you can easily categorise attendees by their group, team or department. This will help them identify who they should network with or work with during the event. For example, you can use red lanyards for speakers, blue for sponsors, green for attendees, and so on. Not only does this help attendees navigate the event more easily, but it also adds a fun and colourful touch to the overall experience.

Promote sustainability: Promoting sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today's world, and hosting eco-friendly events is a great way to contribute to this cause. Event organisers can take a step towards reducing their carbon footprint by using lanyards made from recycled materials. These lanyards are made from materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic, or organic cotton, making them an environmentally responsible choice. Not only does this help to minimise waste and pollution, but it also sends a message to attendees that you're committed to sustainability. Making conscious choices like this can go a long way in creating a greener future for us all.

Use them as a fundraising tool: Lanyards can be a creative way to raise money for your event while also providing attendees with a unique souvenir. By designing special lanyards with your event logo or branding, you can sell them to attendees as a fundraising tool. This generates revenue, promotes your event, and gives attendees a way to remember it long after it's over. Lanyards are a practical and versatile accessory that attendees are likely to use even after the event has ended, making them a great choice for a fundraising tool.

In conclusion, lanyards are a versatile and practical tool that can be used in a variety of creative ways at events. From promoting sponsors to creating a VIP experience, there are countless ways to incorporate lanyards into your event planning. With a little creativity and imagination, lanyards can help take your event to the next level.

The Lanyards Only Team